4 Ways To Maximize Your Rental Property Bottom Line

Posted by Tomas Miller // April 30, 2018

POSTED BY PAUL ESAJIAN // MARCH 16, 2018 Owning a rental property is more than simply finding a tenant and waiting for the rent on the first of the month. While anyone can passively manage a rental, there are a few important actions you need to take if you want to maximize your bottom line. Like anything else […]

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Top 6 Questions to Expect from Your New Tenants and Applicants

Posted by Tomas Miller // January 29, 2016

When prospective tenants express interest in a property, they often have a list of questions to review before signing the lease and moving in. Some of these questions are obvious and you probably already know the answers, but for others, you might want to think about creating some firm policies for reference and consistency. Become […]

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Should You Create a Presence on Social Media?

Posted by Tomas Miller // January 27, 2016

Facebook gets visited by 1 billion people every day, hosting countless conversations on everything from the weather to the latest restaurant in town. Other social media sites don’t have quite as many users, but they are also hotbeds for everyday conversation. Sometimes this conversation swings around to landlord recommendations, property listings, and other topics relevant […]

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Should You Hire an Individual Property Manager or a Company?

Posted by Tomas Miller // January 25, 2016

Whether you live far away from your properties, you’re sick of fielding emergency calls from tenants or you’re just too busy, you’ve decided to hire some help to manage your rentals. But before you pick up the phone to hire a property manager, consider whether you need a right-hand man or the might of an […]

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Four Ways to Encourage Tenants to Treat the Property Like It’s Theirs

Posted by Tomas Miller // January 8, 2016

It’s easy for tenants to believe that because they don’t actually own the property, they’re not really responsible for it. On your end, the result of that mindset can be complaints from the neighbors, problems on move out day, and all kinds of headaches. It’s best to develop strategies to head off problem behavior at […]

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8 Great Smartphone Productivity Apps for Real Estate Investors

Posted by Tomas Miller // January 6, 2016

Modern technology is regarded by many real estate investors as both blessing and curse. One one hand, we see claims of how distracted we become with our vast numbers of technological gizmos and gadgets. While it’s true that unregulated use of our smartphones can lead to sinking far too much time into Facebook and creating […]

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4 Real Estate Investors That Should Never Buy Turnkey Properties!

Posted by Tomas Miller // January 3, 2016

Turnkey real estate is all the rage right now in the real estate world. More and more investors are looking for a way to get started in passive investments and the Turnkey route often looks promising. The reality is, like any investment, Turnkey real estate is not always the best option and will not work […]

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7 Things Real Estate Investors Do to Stay Successful

Posted by Tomas Miller // November 20, 2015

For investors just starting out, everything can be more than a little overwhelming. Your financial future is something to be excited about, but there’s never a shortage of apprehension. There will be days when you ask yourself what you’ve gotten yourself into! It’s a little daunting to look at the success of other real estate […]

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How To Seal a Drafty Door

Posted by Tomas Miller // November 18, 2015

When the cold weather begins to come around, the colder air outside can sometimes slip through cracks in a drafty door. Instead of shoving a towel or blanket in front of it to guard against the cold, you can take these steps to make sure the door has been sealed. These steps can even be […]

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DIY accounting options for your rental business

Posted by Tomas Miller // November 16, 2015

As your rental or property management business is expanding, it’s easy to get bogged down in paperwork. If you’re dealing with just a small property, though, you may not handle enough transactions to want to hire a full-time accountant yet. Get your paperwork on track as soon as possible with some of these DIY accounting […]

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